Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

The Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant is located in Harbour Centre.  Parking downtown is expensive as always although there is parking in the Harbour Centre complex for a $5 flat rate after 6PM.

The restaurant offers panoramic views of Vancouver with a full rotation every 60 minutes. It's slow enough not to be noticeable but staring out for long periods will definitely make you feel dizzy.  Only the outer ring of tables will rotate so for those who get motion sickness easily, there's a inner ring of tables that won't rotate but don't offer quite as great of a view.

It's too bad it was cloudy but a beautiful scene nonetheless.

Duck Trio ~ ($40.00) - duck breast, duck confit and duck confit risotto in a sour cherry, orange and red wine sauce.  My friend said that it wasn't that great and that the duck skin was too hard and was like eating a shell.

Chicken Tuscana ~ ($35.00) - bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with ham, swiss cheese and sage.  This was rather ordinary. I regret not taking a picture of the stuffing but I'd say that maybe 25% of the chicken had a thin layer of stuffing.  Otherwise, I'm just eating white chicken meat.

Steamed Stuffed BC Wild Salmon Fillet ~ ($36.00) - salmon stuffed with crab meat, baby shrimp and chives in a lemon butter sauce.  My friend said this was only okay.  

Portobello Ravioli ~ ($30.00) - This was their daily vegetarian dish so not a staple on the menu.  Friends who had pasta did say the pasta was good and this dish certainly did look more appetizing than my chicken tuscana...

Braised Lamb Shank ~ ($35.00) - lamb with a red wine reduction with herbs and spices. The  recurring theme seems to be okay food which isn't worth the price.

Overall rating: 6.5/10.  The Top of Vancouver Restaurant seems to be more well known for its scenic views rather than its food.  However, when you consider the fact that the cost to go up the lookout is $15, the cost of the food less the elevator price is reasonable.  Unfortunately, reasonable doesn't also mean we got our good value for our money.  

The service was good but one gripe is the elevator wait.  If you have a party of more than eight, you'll have to split up and the wait times are long.  Due to the wait, the hostess said we could take the service elevator if we don't care about the view.

Top of Vancouver offers an unforgettable view but an easily forgotten meal.  

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant
555 West Hastings St

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